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Welcome to French Chateau Sales.  We provide a wealth of information about chateaus and castles that are available for sale in France.  If you are looking for a French chateau for sale then our website is an ideal starting point to assist you in your search.

chateaux for sale in FranceFirst, let’s start at the beginning.  Fairy tales aren’t real… we all know that by now don’t we?!

Sadly, there is in fact slim chance of being swept away and living happily ever after in the tallest tower of the highest turret in the land, being waited on hand and foot by servants who are eager to please (Kate Middleton aside).  Call me cynical, but I’m afraid happily ever after always has a post-script, an addendum, which is essentially the continuance of the story, the ups and downs of life, right until the end, the full-stop of our inevitable end.

That being said, none of us will ever escape the magical fantasies of our dreams.  Those fairytale castles will always occupy a special place in our hearts and the dreams of youth are still echoed far into our adult lives as we navigate our children through their Disneyesque dreams of childhood.

Castles are simply magical places: and that is that!

Princess castles for sale in FranceNow, whether we married that beautiful princess of prince of our childhood dreams or not, it turns out, that you don’t in fact have to be royalty in order to buy a chateau in France in the 21st Century because, it seems, “liberté, égalité, et fraternité” won out… huzzah!  An additional bonus, is that you don’t in fact have to be a millionaire to buy a chateau in France.  Sometimes, you can pick one up from as little as 500,000 Euros.

There are literally hundreds of French chateaus for sale at any one time.  From the ‘doer-upper’ – right through to the more opulent, resplendent and well kept examples of their kind.  If you are looking for French castles for sale, by jingo, they are out there.

First, you might ask – how is all this possible.. how can I afford a castle??!!

It is possible, because of property prices and because of the changing demographics of France.  Hundred of Brits are heading over on an annual basis to France to take advantage of the waining property prices over there.  In polar contrast to British rural property prices, French rural property prices are falling.  This is for two main reasons:

There is no ‘culture’ of doing up run-down properties in France. The French just don’t seem to see the financial or historical value in restoring run-down or falling-down properties in France.  For the most part, they will prefer to erect a new-build rather than run up costs trying to repair what’s already there.  Drive anywhere in rural France, and you will be guaranteed to pass hundreds of what we term ‘doer-uppers’, from small houses, to barns right through to grandiose chateaux, which the French consider as too much hassle – not worth the expense of repair… Whilst, in Britain, these projects are always snapped up, for barn-conversions and the like – because we greatly value our architecture and our heritage, as well as rural property being priced at a premium, in France, rural property just doesn’t fetch the premiums that British rural property does.  A bit like the chicken and the egg,

The other reason for you being able to buy a castle in France is because of the changing French demographics.  Over the last 50 or so years, there has been a gradual shift in the society, away from rural life towards city existence:  the farming industry has changed massively in that time as machines have taken over the roles of the French land workers, and simultaneously industry has moved from its roots in the land, to city businesses.  Because of this, rural populations are shrinking as the younger generations leave the villages of France and head for work in the bright lights of the major cities.  In consequence, the cities are swelling and the villages are dying.  Family property, buildings, farms and chateaux are left empty with little hope of being saved if they are needing renovation.  There is no incentive to maintain rural property, as their value is so deflated, so buildings are gradually going to rack and ruin.  A vicious circle can now be seen in the rural property market in France.  There is no longer a need for rural property, so rural property prices have fallen.  Whilst we can semantically argue over the chicken and egg of the situation: as to whether the French don’t tend to do up or renovate houses that are in need of work because rural property doesn’t fetch enough money, or whether whether rural property doesn’t fetch enough money, so they don’t tend to do up rural properties that need renovation – it is neither here nor there really.

The long and short is – you can buy a chateau in France!

Ok.  So, we’ve established that because of the rural property crisis in France, you can afford to buy the chateau, but can you afford to run / renovate it??!!

Indeed you can, if you turn your chateau into an business in itself…

That’s what is happening across the board with the bigger properties in rural France today.    Turning grand French houses and chateaux into hotels, retreats or wedding venues is one way to to just that.  TV programmes like ‘Escape to the Chateau’, Channel 4’s documentary series following a British couple who bought a dilapidated ‘dream’ chateau in France, show how the savvy and heart-strong British are charging head-long into probable financial ruin possible divorce, because they have fallen in love with these beautiful buildings.  The British just can’t stand the thought of such stunning pieces of architecture turning to rubble.

Every now and then, you may find French interest in restoration or the saving of an historic building piqued, as was done at the Chateau de La Mothe-Chandeniers, 200 miles south of Paris,  which benefitted from a crowd-funding appeal which managed to raise the €500,000 needed to save the ruined chateau from being bulldozed by developers.  But by and large, these French chateaux for sale are all just sitting there waiting for us Brits to take them on.


French chateaus for sale

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